Shih Tzu Training Tips

Shih Tzu Training Tips

Shih Tzu Training Tips are one way to train your Shih Tzu. By knowing what to do it will be a better experience for both of you.

Meet the pure bred and loving Shih Tzu, A precious beautiful package of a dog, and one I might add is very loyal and forgiving.

Mostly related to the wolf that many would think otherwise, the Shih Tzu is closely related than any other breed.  Chinese Shih Tzu breeds are also known as “Lion Dog”

Owing it to their small and petite frame, they have a robust and strong character. These small dogs have generally deep dark eyes with a very soft and plush long double coat that she is famous for.

The Shih Tzus luxurious coat is comprised of two layers the top coat is long and silky while the under coat is fleecy and feathery.

It is their coat that separates them from other breeds. Whether a star at home or in the ring the Shih Tzu is one of the oldest breeds of dog and one that holds many awards for her special coat. Shih Tzu’s have been charming people for over two thousand years,

Originally bred in Tibet as a lap dog the Shih Tzu is a cross between a Pekinese and a Lhasa Apso where it landed in the Chinese imperial court where she earned her name Lion Dog.

As legend has it they slept at the foot of the noble’s bed to act as foot warmers, but during the British invasion the Shih Tzu almost became extinct, only 7 female and 7 male dogs remained.  Today all Shih Tzu’s can be traced back to those 14 surviving Shih Tzu.

Considered one of the hardest dogs to train the Shih Tzu sometimes takes up to 40 or 50 repetitions before they comprehend the command. But all is not lost; with these Shih Tzu Training Tips and the right system  you can train your Shih Tzu too.

Shih Tzu Training Tips

Tip 1:

Teach this little guy early on and you will be rewarded with obedience. Start out when they are puppies so it will be easier for them to learn.

Tip 2:

Do not train your Shih Tzu With aggression! Forget about the old school of knocks when it comes to training your Shih Tzu. They don’t work! Especially for shih Tzu’s, so don’t waste your time. I don’t know of any dog that was trained that way that actually worked anyway.

Tip 3:

Train your Shih Tzu with love and rewards like a treat when they do well, but be careful not too many treats, the shih Tzu is prone to putting on weight if given too many treats and is not good for them cause they are known to get kidney infections easily.

Tip 4:

Shih Tzu’s require a lot  of grooming and need to be handled a lot by you, your groomer, your vet, etc. so get them use to this so it will be a positive experience for them.  Shih Tzu’s are easily stressed if not taught this early. Don’t force or make them do what they don’t want.

Tip 5:

Keep your training tactics constant even though they are one of the hardest to train the Shih Tzu will reward you for life as a loving obedient pet. Establish yourself as an authority as you would a child let them know up front who’s the boss,  Speak to them as a teacher to a student and let them know they have boundaries but do it in a loving playful authoritive manner.

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Shih Tzu’s are full of character and energy, a small toy breed that loves to play around the house making their own place Shih Tzu’s thrive on the companionship of their human family and they especially enjoy being pampered and spoiled.

With consistency, patience, repetition and positive reinforcement your Shih Tzu can be easily trained in all the basic obedience training commands such as sit, come, stay etc…

From my experiences with my Shih Tzu “Candy” The best Shih Tzu Training Tips I have found are not the ones that use methods based on punishment, but calm sessions full of encouragement, enthusiasm, rewards and praise.

Shih Tzu Temperament :

The temperament of a Shih Tzu can vary from dog to dog. There’s no such thing as a typical Shih Tzu – some are calm, gentle and quiet while a puppy from the very same litter could be feisty, dominant and partial to running around the house. When given the proper training they are excellent with other dogs, animals and friendly to all people they are extremely playful company and love nothing more than to curl up and fall asleep on your lap.

Most Shih Tzu’s are trusting and very friendly with strangers. Your training and socialization must develop and enhance their outgoing temperament. They are exceptionally peaceful with other pets and animals within their own environment.

Devotion :

Above all, a Shih Tzu is devoted, wholly and completely, to you and your needs. Sure, sometimes he likes to play with a toy or romp around the living room, but you can’t ask for a better listener, lap warmer or sympathetic furry ear or that lick in the face that melts your heart.

Your Shih Tzu can sit at your feet for hours gently snoozing, but he doesn’t forget to occasionally gaze up at you in admiration. If you want a dog who does his own thing and only occasionally bothers to notice you, this breed may not be the one for you. But if you desire a pet who thinks it’s all about you, then this is your dog.

Being Funny :

One thing about your little best friend is making you laugh! and if you’re in a bad mood or having a bad day, how it suddenly diminishes  when you get home and see those eyes!  Whether she’s playing around the house or spinning around trying to chase her tail Which my Candy does all the time!, or fetching the ball you just threw, The Shih Tzu will brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

Last Word :

If you plan on training your Shih Tzu at home, I recommend that you do your research and find the best way to train your Shih Tzu. From my own experiences I would recommend you follow and study this comprehensive dog training site as this is the best and most helpful community of dog lovers on the internet hands down, and is run by professional dog trainer, Daniel Stevens.

He has helped people train thousands of different breeds of dogs Shih Tzu’s included. Daniel Stevens is famous for training dogs of all kinds with obedient problems. I urge you to have a look at this dog training product.

I hope you have enjoyed my article, if so leave me a comment below. I am posting new articles everyday about dog training and Shih Tzu Training Tips, along with other ideas about training your dog.


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