If you’re a dog owner, than you should know that your dog running away is no exceptional behavior; many other dogs tend to do the same if their owners do nothing about the situation. Not even regular fenced areas can keep them secure. The worst case scenario is when you haven’t purchased a dog fence yet; it can be expensive to install one now, just for the sake of your pet. The good news is that special dog fences have been created and they’re available at much more reasonable prices; they can solve the problem you’ve been struggling with for some time now. An electronic dog fence is a modern day marvel that will amaze you with its ease of use. You won’t have to install the fence yourself; the company you bought it from is responsible for installing this system. You will also receve a special collar for your dog; you have to attach this collar to its neck. The collar is connected with several sensors placed near the fence. If your dog gets closer to any of these special sensors, it will make a beep sound that warns it. If it goes even closer, then the collar will give the dog a mild, yet annoying shock. 9 out of 10 dogs learn quickly that they need to stay away from the fence and most of them don’t even wait for the warning sound. Certain people claim that these fences can hurt the animal. However, the technology has been refined to be completely dog friendly. You are able to set the intensity of the shock so that it is not dangerous for your animal. If you’re still unsure if it’s safe for your pet, you can test the collar yourself. No such collar can inflict pain on your animal; the strongest stimuli they send are usually very similar to static shocks. They produce identical sensations; they are not painful, but they’re extremely annoying. The shocks take the dog by surprise, rather than produce any harm. The small shock your dog gets is far more humane than the injuries and death that are very possible if he gets loose and hit by a vehicle or shot by a neighbour who fears he is after their livestock. The dog fence protects the animal, while leaving it enough space to run freely. Those who have previously purchased a electronic dog fence are glad they did so, as they had no more problems with their dogs running away. The dogs don’t need constant supervision; they can be left alone and you will find them safe and sound when you get back. You won’t be worried or frustrated because of your dog anymore. Now it’s safer and easier to own a pet. There’s nothing you can lose if you purchase such a useful device to restrain your dog’s movements.