A dog is a man’s best friend, as they say. This really is in fact, true. We all heard it. We all have been knowledgeable about real stories of this beloved 4 -legged creature’s heroism and act of bravery in times of adversity. Their masters, owners and best friends had owed their life to the incredible creature.

Thousands of years back, man had started out taming domestic dogs. Initially, their major and significant purpose is for protection. Dogs have an instinct to bark at a burglar, and when the intruder runs or disregards the caution, they’ll chase and neutralize the threat. There some circumstances that dogs are being used during battle. Their masters train them to follow a particular command, and when they hear it, they promptly charge and kill the enemy. Dogs are also useful for looking wild animals just like fox and game hunting. People eventually found that dogs are not only meant for defending lives and asset, they likewise have a remarkably developed sense of smell, which permits them to detect scents that a human being can’t perceive or smell.

This all-natural characteristic definitely makes the dog well- fitted to SAR, or Search And Rescue procedures in times of emergencies and mishaps. Moreover, canines, as what they’re often called, are important assets for law enforcers, because they can sniff out bombs, chemicals, restricted drugs along with other illicit materials, along with trace tracks of a fugitive on the run or that of a missing individual. Canines, have also an acute sense of hearing. Actually, there is one account from K -9 unit during the Vietnam War, in which the handler’s German shepherd persistently refuses to follow his handler’s orders to move forward. Soon, all of them discovered that there’s a trip wire just inches in front of them. Dogs, as man’s best friends, had carried on serving and safeguarding not just their masters but also those people who are in horrible need also. However, if something horrible occurred to your canine buddy and his life is in danger, do you have what it takes in order to save him? Do you have the information and technique in providing right emergency treatment method when your buddy’s situation is in a critical condition? These concerns are simple but thought- provoking, on the other hand, when it does take place, the only individual that your canine buddy is counting on in providing him a far better probability of survival is basically you.

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