We adore our pets. As time goes on, our dogs grow into loyal members of our family. There are several things you don’t want to teach your dog. You can also learn how to teach dog tricks.

What is Dog Obedience?

Dog Obedience begins when the dogs want to be a part of the house and family. They wish to be detected every day, and these dogs love their treats. Some dogs love being inside of the house. They enjoy the ordinary smells and scents.

If dogs like where they live, then dog obedience is easier. The dogs won’t destroy the place. Furniture and bedding are out of harm’s way. The bed and sofa bed in the living room are their favorite places. Dogs like to take turns watching their master.

Dogs fancy their treats. When you leave for work, leave your dog a bowl of treats. The dogs can also get another treat, after a dog walk. Treats indicate that you love them. Dog Obedience works when the dogs get a little more attention.

What Doesn’t Demand Training?

There are some things that don’t require training for your dog. Just mention a car ride and the dogs are dressed and ready to go. Mention a walk and the dogs are running to the door.

With dog obedience, there are specific commands that get my dogs running. They include dinner and peanut butter. My dogs love peanut butter and they can smell it a mile away. Dinner is their breakfast, following the morning walk.

When it’s time to make the bed, the dogs don’t respond to a simple “move”. It’s “Out” and I show them to the door. After awhile, my dogs are prancing out the door. Even dogs like a nice made bed.

What’s the Best Way to Teach Dog Tricks?

Dog Tricks are good fun for you and your dog. You can teach them commands for every day use and to entertain friends. There is a fun side to teaching dog tricks.

The best way to teach dog tricks is to do them:

1. Step-By-Step. Dogs possibly could be trained a little at a time. So, you can educate each lesson in progression, till you have completed the trick. Then, put it together for the finale.

2. With Positive Reinforcement. Dogs desire to feel good about what they are practicing. By keeping it positive, you can keep the lesson going.

What Are The General Rules?

In teaching dog tricks, the general rules include:

1. Do What Goes Best. Each dog is different; but, they do need to learn.

2. Be Consistent. The more times you do the trick, the better your dog will learn.

3. Keep It Simple. By doing tricks step-by-step, you teach your dog just enough for a lesson.

4. Puppies Can Be Trained. You can do the training at any age.

5. Work Every Day for Consistency, and so the dog won’t forget the tricks.

6. Make Use of Verbal and Hand Signals. Do what is best for you and your dog.

What Are The Most Popular Dog Tricks?

The dog tricks are accomplished all of the time:

1. Give a Paw – The dog is taught to sit and give a paw to shake with the owner or a friend.

2. Give a Kiss – The dog is taught to lick the owner or a friend.

3. Catch – The dog catches a ball with their mouth.

You Can Do It!

Your dog can learn other tricks and become the life of the party. Dog tricks will support you to be more confident with your dog. You start a two-way communication between you and your dog. Finally, dog tricks will help you to bond more closely with your dog.

Good luck with your dog training!