The day has at last arrived. Just as you are excited with your new puppy, the little pet is probably shocked to be away from its mother. Over time, that new puppy will understand that they are in a loving home. You will grow to love your new companion, just as that little puppy will grow to love you.

What Are the Puppy’s Special Needs?

The hardest time to having a dog occurs, when the dog is a puppy. The puppy has a lot to learn, as we will see. You will have to train the puppy, so that your new friend becomes a member of the family.

Puppies have special needs. They may need to urinate or poop, ten times a day. You can expect the puppy to want to go five to ten minutes after eating, sleeping or playing. For a puppy, you have to constantly watch the pet and try to prevent accidents.

Where Do You Begin?

The first thing that you possibly could perform for puppy house training is to plunk down newspaper or doggy pads. Place the paper area in a utility room or other area. Do not set up your newspaper area in the bedroom or living room; since, you do not require your puppy to go there.

Next, carry your puppy to the paper area. Show the puppy, that this is where to go. Accidents do happen, and you may want to do this several times. Your puppy house training wants to be consistent.

As stated before, puppies require constant supervision to help prevent accidents. With any accidents, punish the dog if you see them going. If you find week old poop; then, merely let it go. The puppy won’t know what they did.

How Do You Determine A Schedule?

Arrange a feeding schedule for your puppy. Make an effort to make it the same time every day. Try to buy quality dog food only. Dry dog food keeps the stool solid.

You don’t want the puppy to go in the middle of the night. To prevent this, feed your puppy four hours before bedtime. Take away the water dish, about two and a half hours before bedtime.

What About Puppy Walks?

Puppies require an outstanding number ofwalks during puppy potty training. As stated earlier, puppies may go as many as ten times during the day. You can schedule your walks:

– first thing in the morning

– last thing in the evening

– after eating

– after a nap

– after playing

– in the middle of the night

If the dog does not potty on the walk; then, stay a few minutes and walk the puppy again. Repeat as often for the puppy to go. Puppies need to get used to going outside.

Praise and reward the puppy, after the puppy goes outside. Puppies want to be rewarded for a job superbly done.

Will The Puppy Ever Be A Part To Their New Home?

After awhile, your puppy will get apprised to certain commands and situations. “Let’s go for a walk,” and the puppy is ready. You obtain their undivided attention, when it is time for a walk.

When the puppy catches sight of you putting on jeans and heading to the door, they recognize it’s time for a walk. If I put the house and car keys in my pocket, those dogs know that a walk is coming. With your puppy, you may have several cues, when it’s time to walk your dog.

Eventually, your puppy house training will come to an end, and your puppy grows to be a good dog. You only have to walk an adult dog, three times a day. Puppies are cute; but, they are a mountain of responsibility.

Good luck with your puppy training!