There is truly nothing more wonderful than to come home and see your dog welcome you with all the gusto and excitement that he can muster. Dogs can turn your awful day into a great one; sometimes, knowing that you come home after a busy, exhausting day, to see your furry friend, is enough to make your day brighter. Even if it’s great to spend your days in such a pleasant comany, receiving complaints about your dog’s behavior can really be bothersome. Most dog owners have gone through this situation before, as untrained dogs can be noisy and too energetic and they usually disturb the neighbors. This is where dog containment devices like the electronic collar come in handy. The electronic collar is a useful tool in dog training; unlike the popular belief, this item is not dangerous for neither you or your dog. In many situations, electronic collars help greatly with training your dog and sometimes they can even save its life. Electronic collars have three main uses. The contexts in which you should use them are: 1. Keep your dog in a contained area: Dogs that live in the country side are prone to running away from the area destined for them. The biggest problem with dogs being free in the country is that they will run after livestock and may be even harm one or two. Consequently, people around you might be skeptical about your dog or even advise you to get rid of it. Dogs in urban areas also cause many problems when they escape; most of them get into accidents, get hurt or even killed. All these problems can be stopped by dog containment devices like the electronic collar. The electronic collar with minimal action will teach your dog to stay within a certain area. 2. Distance training: The problem of fencing is very similar to situations where you are walking your dog and he sees something that totally distracts him from your commands. In these situations, the dog might act chaotically or even escape. With a remote training collar, the situation becomes easier to manage; you simply have to use the buttons on your remote to control your dog’s reactions. 3. Bark control collar: This is a useful product that solves the problem of irritating, continuous barking. Excessive barking is the main reason why your neighbors complain about your dog. Even you can be bothered by the continuous noise your dog makes at night. Bark control collars can keep your dog from incessantly barking at inconsequential things without hurting them at all. The above three uses of the electronic collar are only a few of the many that you can actually use them for. Remote training systems draw your pet’s attention and correct its behavior without hurting it. In fact, you won’t even have to use the shock button, as your dog is a fast learner and will get the point after two-three uses.