The Interactive Dog Toys that are available in the market come in a lot of different shapes, types and prices and will be a joy for you to choose the appropriate one so that your dog can play with it. When choosing one of these toys you better know why one of them is more suitable, as they were all conceived to entertain your dog and to make it feel good, so that your dog gets no more bored and barks less than usual.

The so called active toys were designed to keep active the mind and the body of your pet. Biting all kind of things is a habit for each of the dog breeds. With this in mind, these toys are designed with a relatively hard rubber material to prevent the toy from wearing out easily due to bites and chewing from the dog.

The best thing about these toys is that they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. You will find them also easy to carry with you. The dog will have a lot of activity and fun trying to handle these toys that are designed to tease the pets. Both the toys that come in bone shapes and those that come in wand shapes are funny.

You dog will be nicely impressed by any of these rubber toys and will be busy and happy while playing with one of them. Distraction toys will keep them focused. They are usually filled with peanut butter and treat bits in order to entice the dogs and keep them busy and quiet for some hours. Most dogs love chewing these toys so that they can get the treats that are available in them. These toys are perfect for situations where you need to do something important and you cannot do it because of the dog disturbance.

With this type of a toy however, you can be able to train a dog and get the best results in the shortest time since dogs love these toys. There are also other types of distraction toys that are commonly referred to as busy box toys. Made of a resistant sort of rubber, these types of Interactive Dog Toys are built in different shapes, but they are basically some boxes that are not very easy to open and the owner can fill them with the assortment of treats his dog likes most.

When you give such type of toy to a dog, it will smell the treats that are hidden inside and will start to explore the cubes or other shape of boxes in order to get closer to those goods that are so tempting smelling. When you are training your dog you can also use these toys as a reward for your dog after it completes the task you are training it for, because the dog will learn very quick that it will be playing with the toy as soon as it completes the task.

Another type of interactive toys you can use to train your dog is the so called comfort toys that will help the dog to get rid of the stress of a new environment and to be able to focus on your commands. You can easily carry these toys with you when you are going with your dog in another place and they are also available in different sizes, in order to fit to the size of your dog. Soon enough these interactive dog toys will become the best friends of your dog which will feel cozy and comfortable when playing with them.


The Interactive Dog Toys