Lots of dog owners have problems with their running dogs. Many breeds of dogs are especially raised for sport or hunting purposes, and these dogs are used to run around in wide open spaces for hours and hours. Many of these dogs will typically find ways to get out of fenced in areas and other containment areas. If you don’t already have a fence, it can be very expensive and quite a chore to put one up just so your dog will be able to run free. Nowadays, dog owners have also other options, based on technological advance, to establish a safe area for their dogs, and these options are less laborious than building a material fence. An electronic dog fence is a modern day marvel that will amaze you with its ease of use. To have this containment system installed by a professional company, you just need to them the area where you want your dog to be fenced in. The system comprises a number of sensors positioned on the borders of the fenced in area that will interact with the special collar fixed on the neck of your dog. The collar will be detected by the sensors when your dog approaches at a certain distance of the border and then the collar is triggered to issue a warning beep. If your dog gets too close, it will receive a slight shock in response. The majority of dogs don’t need to receive more than two or three shocks before learning to pay attention to the warning sound and to back up when they hear the beep. People opposing to these electronic fences say their use is inhumane treatment for animals. However, the modern technologies used on these fences make them totally animal friendly. The collars usually have a shock setting on them that you get to set for your animal. All the responsible pet owners want to test these collars before buying the containment system, in order to be sure their dogs won’t get harmed in any way. Compared to the shocks people get from the static build up, the one delivered by the collars are lighter, even if set at maximum intensity. It doesn’t really hurt your pet at all; it works by startling the dog. They surprise the dog and make it feel unpleasant continuing its action. That slight electric shock will save your dog from the various troubles it may encounter on the streets or on the property of one of your neighbors. Your dog will be better protected inside the area you border with the fence and allow it to play than wandering alone on the streets or surrounding fields. Thousands of electronic dog fence owners around the world have been enjoying the benefits of their fence for years. They can let their dog outside in a seemingly open field without worrying about their pet running off and getting hurt or worse. It is worth buying an electronic fence as you’ll be sure your dog is safe. They are efficient, safe for the dog and easy to use by you. Consider having one of them. Allow your dog the freedom of running about without a leash today.