It’s a common sight, the neighbors walking their dogs. Dog walking is probably the most important part of a dog’s day. They get to smell around the area for other dogs, cats, skunks and anything else a dog can chase.

Dogs need to get enough exercise. Walking your dogs can give them exercise and allow them to poop and urinate. As a rule, dogs need a minimum of three walks a day.

What’s The Proper Way?

You need to be in front of the dogs and lead the way. When you are walking your dogs, don’t walk  behind of the dogs. The dogs, then, feel that they are in charge of the walk. Instead, you desire to be in charge.

There must be a tension in the lead. When you walk your dogs, don’t constantly pull the leashes. Instead, softly pull the dogs in the direction you need. The leash should be short and slightly loose.

Make It A Social Experience!

You possibly could present dogs to other dogs. Dogs like to feel like they are a part of a pack. The dogs do demand to continue moving forward.

Make assured that you have time to rest. Have a water stop and chat with a friend. You and the dogs will be restored for the walk back home.

What Else Can You Do?

On those cold and rainy days, you might prepare your dogs to run on a treadmill. Dogs wish to exercise, too. It’s a good way to maintain your dogs in shape.

If you live in a rural area, you may be able to walk your dogs without a leash; particularly, if you are walking the dogs through the woods and the forest. Make sure that you are still in command. Have the dogs to walk beside you and stop at your command. Cats and squirrels have to not be a distraction.

What Are Dog Harnesses?

For some dog owners, pulling a dog on a leash is a cruel and unusual punishment. Dragging a dog by the neck, could hurt the dog and result in permanent injury. Thus, some dog owners have turned to a dog harness to better control the dogs during walks.

Dog Harnesses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For the dog owner, harnesses join and circle the body of the dog. The dog is lured toward the owner.

How Do You Buy A Dog Harness?

When buying a dog harness, pick a harness for the type of dog that you have. The collar needs to be loose fitting. You need the pull to be around the body.

Once you have selected the type, adjust the harness for the size of your dog. Then, try it on your dog. Make sure that the harness fits comfortably. If so, you are ready to purchase your first dog harness.

What Are Dog Harnesses Used For?

1. Walking Your Dog. A dog harness can give you better control of your dog, without pulling on the dog’s neck.

2. Tracking or Pulling. A special dog harness is developed for pulling. The item bonds to the harness, and the dog pulls it along. On the other hand, tracking could not need a harness, as the dog is actually scenting their way to the target.

3. Dog Sled. A special dog harness is utilised to attach the dog to the sled. In some cases, twelve dogs are used to pull the sled, provisions and dog owner through the snow and ice.

4. Guide Dogs. A dog harness helps the blind owner to control his dog. The dogs are trained to work with blind people. The blind dog owner has a special relationship with their dog.

Whichever dog harness you use, pick the harness that matches your condition or use. Try not to buy the cheapest one at the store, you may find your dog tearing it up right away. You wish for the harness to last for years.

You Possibly Could Do It!

Walking your dog is great fun and exercise for both you and your dog. A dog harness could help your dog walking and give you better control over your dog.

Wonderful luck with your dog training!